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Our intimate knowledge of P&I operations gives us a marked advantage over our competitors and we are now the supplier of choice to the majority of the International Group P&I Clubs.

From humble beginnings - processing 20 to 30 invoices per month and a handful of Claims for a UK mutual insurance operation - our flagship business processing system, CALM C/S®, has developed significantly and it currently controls the fundamental business processes required by our clients to enforce rigorous management of multi-billion dollar assets, from both sides of the Atlantic.

The level of support offered by the P&I Clubs goes far beyond what you might normally expect from a commercial insurer. Our clients sleep comfortably at night with the knowledge that CALM C/S® enables their organisations to respond promptly to requests for assistance or to provide informed advice.

CALM C/S® is the most widely used business processing system adopted by P&I and Hull insurers world-wide.

The CALM C/S® modules can be deployed either as standalone functional units or as a fully integrated solution capable of supporting the full lifecycle of the insurance business process.

They manage workflow procedures to generate transactions that support business processes for risk administration, claims management, loss prevention support, reinsurance management and associated ledger transactions.

Our Managed Service option enables CALM C/S® to be delivered as a hosted service. This is attractive to clients who do not wish to employ technical expertise or acquire in-house hardware infrastructure.


  • Full transaction lifecycle from underwriting to claims
  • Manages mutual and fixed price business
  • Web-based portal or traditional desktop client
  • Batch document production
  • Integrates with Document Management
  • Add-on modules to allow remote client access
  • Fully managed service available

Open API's

CALM has migrated from a fully desktop system to have a sophisticated set of API's that allows customers to build their own applications around the rock-solid transaction processing system. This also means that CALM does not need to be installed as one mega-system, but can be taken in modules to integrate with existing systems, including existing Claims management systems.

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